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When it comes to sustainability, everything counts. Making your daily habits greener can lead to a massive impact over time, but it's just as important to embark on big projects and monumental changes with an environmental focus at the forefront of your thoughts. For instance, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, Americans generate 4.51 pounds of municipal solid waste per person, per day. Maybe you've cut back on the amount of disposable goods you consume, bringing down your daily average.

That won't do much good if you can fill a whole dumpster with your trash come moving day.

If you're getting ready to move this year, you may be wondering how you can avoid some common pitfalls. Eco-friendly moves entail generating less waste for landfills and limiting your carbon footprint. Here are three tips to keep you on track for a sustainable move.

1) Prune the excess ahead of time Chances are, if you have a move coming up, it won't take you by surprise. You'll have a lot of advance notice, so get started early to avoid filling trash bags in a frenzy when the moving van shows up. First, identify items you no longer use. With enough planning time, you can hold a garage sale to find good homes for your used goods and scrape together a little extra cash. You can give away large-ticket items, too, or donate them. There may be family members or even charities in your area who will gladly transport bulky giveaways themselves. Whatever you can't sell or donate, recycle it. Trashing anything should be the last resort. One common mistake is letting perishable food build up in your fridge. Slow your grocery shopping in the last couple of weeks leading up to the move, and stretch out what you do have by tossing it in the freezer.

2) Pack with a purpose When it comes down to packing for your eco-friendly move, start out by reusing boxes from your last move, if you saved them. As a second step, sustainable movers should consider hunting for used cardboard boxes or storage crates that are being given away or sold on the cheap by local businesses. Next, instead of reaching for foam peanuts, pack strategically by using towels, comforters, blankets and other natural cushions from around the house to fill the empty space in your boxes. As with our first tip, this piece of advice is easier to accomplish if you start early. When all else fails, opt for compostable, biodegradable or otherwise reusable containers and packing materials.


Help Us Move Again movers There are some things you can do by yourself, but moving isn't a game of solitaire. You're probably going to need assistance with at least some parts of the process. Find a moving company that values sustainability as much as you do. They can do a lot to minimize the environmental impact of your move. For instance, if you've hired a truck or van, they can plot lower-impact routes, drive in an environmentally conscious manner and reduce the time they spend idling, which is no small matter on its own. In fact, the Department of Energy estimates that 6 billion gallons of fuel are wasted by idling heavy-duty and light-duty vehicles on an annual basis. At Help Us Move Again Moving and Packing Services, we believe the moving industry has a responsibility to commit to high standards for green material management, transportation, administration, facilities maintenance and community commitment.




Moving and Packing Services

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Updated: Feb 12, 2020

Moving Service or Moving in Together In every relationship, local moving service together is a big decision. Whether you are just out of college or in a stable relationship, moving in can be a challenging process. Apart from the new place, adjusting to each other also becomes vital. Moving into one place will also require making adjustments and many compromises along the way. It is quite normal for disagreements to occur and hence it becomes essential to plan your move well. You both will need to make sure that the household items are duplicated to as least extent as possible

Why Office Movers Make Your Move Easy Moving an office can be tricky. With huge files, computers, laptops, heavy office equipment and so many wires to manage, it can go haywire if you try to do it all yourself. Hiring reliable office movers can make your move less challenging and more convenient. Office Movers typically act promptly and are more organized. Let’s see why hiring office movers can be beneficial for your business. How Office Movers Can Help Professional Furniture Installation All professional office movers are experienced in furniture installation and certified in its assembling and disassembling.

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Updated: Feb 13, 2020

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