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What Is the Average Cost of Junk Removal?

Updated: Mar 23

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At a glance When you need to toss a lot of old junk, you basically have two options: pay for professionals to haul it away, or rent a dumpster and fill it yourself. Both options have their own unique benefits and drawbacks, and prices differ depending on where you live and how much you’re throwing away.Since the prices for both services depend so much on your specific situation, it’s impossible to give an accurate price, but we’ve found that the average price for

full-service junk removal can range from $100 to almost $800. For dumpster rental, prices can be anywhere between $300 and $525 per week.

Full-service junk removal Dumpster rental Price range$100–$800/load$300–$525/week

National average$234/load1 $402/week2 If you don’t have time or energy to haul your junk yourself, then a full junk removal service is probably right for you. However, if you need to keep chucking junk for a few days and you’re willing to put in a little elbow grease, then a dumpster rental might be better for your situation.Keep reading to learn more about junk removal options and prices.

What is the average cost of junk removal services? Lots of factors go into the pricing of junk removal services, and there’s a ton of local and national companies with widely variable rates. Because of this, it’s tricky to nail down exact rates for both full-service junk removal and dumpster rentals.Plus, most junk removal companies don’t provide online estimates. Instead, they’ll only offer pricing after one of their employees does an onsite evaluation of your junk removal job. This means you won’t get inaccurate pricing information, but it makes it harder to shop around and compare rates when you’re in a hurry.That said, we know what factors influence prices, and we’ve gathered data to help you find a rough estimate of what your junk removal job might cost. What goes into junk removal pricing? Pricing for junk removal depends greatly on where you are. For example, Junk King charges over $800 to remove a full truck’s worth of junk in Orlando, but it only charges about $500 for the same job in Winter Park. Some companies don’t even service certain areas—and  fewer options may mean higher prices.In addition to location, the following factors affect pricing for both full-service and dumpster rental options: Seasonality and demand Gas prices Local disposal fees How much time a job takes The last (and most obvious) pricing factor specific to full-service junk removal is how much you’re throwing away. If you’re only chucking half a truck’s worth of renovation debris, you won’t be charged the same amount as someone who’s tossing a truck filled with old fridges, sofas, and mattresses.This doesn’t apply to dumpster rentals, however. If you rent a dumpster, you’ll be charged the same amount no matter how much of the dumpster you fill (though you may be charged extra for overfilling), so be sure you rent a dumpster that’s the right size for your job.If you need some help determining the correct dumpster size for your job, you can use KEEP IN MIND

Most junk removal companies won’t take hazardous materials (like aerosol cans, lead-based paint, and old TVs with cathode ray tubes) off your hands, and those that do might charge you more for the service. If you’re unsure about something you want to throw away, call and ask the company you’re working with about it.

Load size Average cost Full truck $675 Half truck $440 Fridge or sofa $195 Should I pay for full-service junk removal? Several factors make full-service removal preferable for anyone with lots of stuff to throw away. The convenience of being able to relax or go about your typical day-to-day routine while the heavy-lifting goes on is worth the price for many people.Access to proper equipment also matters. Wheelbarrows, dollies, and carts can all turn difficult junk removal jobs into a breeze, but without them, you’ll be left dragging that old fridge or busted cabinet up your stairs or across your lawn.The bottom line is that if you don’t have the time, equipment, or extra help to get rid of your stuff, then full-service junk removal can make your life much easier despite the price. Bin There Dump That' is a well-established, reputable North American franchise. Our franchise organization was founded in 1972 and 'Bin There Dump That' has operated as a franchise since 2004. That spells consistency and dependability. It means you're dealing with a local person or family that has invested their future in providing you with outstanding customer service. Their kids go to the same schools that yours do; they're part of your community and have a vested interest in making your bin/dumpster rental a pleasant, hassle-free experience.

Our commitment is simple - to give you a residential-friendly dumpster service that is so good that you will refer us to family, friends or business associates. We are your 'easy button'.

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